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2011-2012 - Report on the Pedagogical and cultural activities

"Rencontres Cinéma de Manosque 2012" :


"Littéraire des lycées et apprentis de la région PACA 2012"

The main goals:
- Read and write throughout the year to elect the writer of the year ( novel and BD)
- Meet contemporary writer in Marseille Cavaillon and Manosque
- Discover aspect of the book (publisher, printer, bookseller)
- Develop artistic practises

November 2011: At school we welcome GrégoryJarry and Otto T ,comics authors of "Village toxique" : an enriching meeting .

December 2011: 2nde A pupils went to a cultural event in Cavaillon where they met 7 writers (novels and comics) on 7st December 2011. It was an extraordinary day. Students liked Velibor Colic, author of "Jesus and Tito" Pastor Anthony, author of "Las Rosas", and Katherine Mosby, American author of "Sanctuaires ardents".


Writer Carla Guelfenbein

As part of the Regional Literary Prize for students and apprentices from PACA, Carla Guelfenbein, writer of "Le Reste est Silence"(The Rest is Silence), meet the students of 2ndA, on Thursday 9th of February from 4:30 pm. to 6:00 pm., at the BCDI of the International School Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


Radio workshop about the "Festival des Correspondances"

Twelve students of the International School have realized a radio emission on the backstage of the "Festival des correspondances" This workshop, conducted in September 2011, has been organized by Sandrine Sabatier and Séverine Gaspari animated by The Omnibus.


Click to download in MP3 format (8.89MB)


Meeting with the authors of "Village toxique" on November 23rd, 2011: