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2010-2011 - Report on the Pedagogical and cultural activities

Jazz and Rock in the International School: With Mrs Blandine Alonso, teacher of music, and Mrs Hélène Pendino, Educational Advisory

- Encourage adaptability of expatriate audiences through practice of musical improvisation, all levels and all cultures.

- Promote the universal language of music with a multicultural student groups (local, national and international).

- Encourage meetings with professionals in the performing and other schools around the practice music.

- Propose a set of educational interventions to develop the musical collective dialogue, the appreciation and the listening of the others, through practical workshops (collective improvisation and musical creation). Concert Jazz-rock in May/June Actors : Raphal Imbert, Jazz saxophonist, internationally recognized, and Nesko Razuminatovic, leader of a rock band and teacher in Marseille.


« Prix Littéraire des lycées et apprentis de la région PACA » : With Mrs Anne Orth, French Teacher, and the students in "Seconde"

- Read and write, throughout the school year, to elect the writer of the year (novel and BD),

- Meet contemporary writer in Marseille and Manosque,

- Discover aspect of the book (publisher, printer, bookseller),

- Develop artistic practices such as calligraphy and haiku.


Presence in the school of a writer, from January 2011- François Beaune:

- Promote the French language and culture inside an international institution,

- Generate a passion for the literature with the dynamic presence of a writer The text written during the workshops will be published

Bilan Résidence de l'association "Les Correspondances" :


Film and Photo Projects: During all the school year, with many teachers
 Initiating students in film and photography as art with an eye to aesthetics, critical analysis and philosophy,

- Learn to detect the particular approaches and various methods of writing,

- Create an opening on contemporary world through the use of film and photography,

- Stimulate the curiosity and develop the analysis,

- Develop the skills in film and photography during the workshops.


Art Workshops - Cinema: Work on the theme of the expatriation with the association of Film Makers “OMNIBUS”: the students express, with words and images, the identity difficulties often faced by new immigrants. The students write a script, using anecdotes (real or fictitious) with the goal to make a movie in "Super 8" format, wich includes photographies, accompanied by a soundtrack.


« Lycéens et apprentis au cinéma » : Students in 2nde 1ère with Anne Orth, Latinka Poirée, Catherine Hec et Jamel Nassar

- This program of image education provides the vocabulary and the film analysis methods. It permits to discover the great classics, the authors’ films, and to appreciate the cultural diversity.

- 3 movies followed by debates.


"Collège au Cinéma" : "Collège au cinema" (Junior High School students in cinema) permits to see the great classics.

- Classes of 4ème and 3ème with Mrs Séverine Gaspari,

- 3 movies followed by debates.

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